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Allow adding tasks in the location list

tyisi says:
Did find any result for this, so hopefully not a new suggestion.

Can it be made possible to add new tasks while viewing a location?

I like to add tasks for on-sale items (groceries) for a particular location (grocery store).

It would be awesome to, instead of creating all the items I'm interested in, directly add them all while viewing the location in the locations list.

Platform(s): Web; it seems already works on Android
Posted at 10:51pm on November 19, 2022
tyisi says:
It does not work on Android. (It adds the task, but does not add the location.)
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
I just tried it on the web app and it worked for me.

I was viewing the location, and I added a task. I didn't add any other details, just the task name. When I went to view the task I'd just added, the location was already filled in for me.

If I'm misunderstanding the request, please let me know.
Posted 1 year ago
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