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Wear OS App

syk3 says:
I've been a Pro member for over a decade now, and this is hands down the best ToDo app out there. With the rise of Wear OS 3 on the Pixel Watch, the Galaxy Watches 4/5, and others, Android users such as myself finally have viable smartwatch options. The user base is growing as is support on the platform, and developing a Wear OS app would help attract those users to your service as a cross-platform solution to their needs. I know I would love to use it to quickly check tasks, or complete them without even taking out my phone. Please consider this feature request, especially because 1. you have already built a smartwatch version for the Apple Watch, and 2. competitors such as Todoist already have a Wear OS companion app. Thank you!
Posted at 5:05am on November 12, 2022
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