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Move checkmark away from Save

ulinlam19 says:
Hello! I love RTM! One problem I have though is that I am constantly marking tasks complete when I mean to save them, because both CTAs are in the same general area (upper-right corner) even tho they're on separate screens. To me all task-specific screens (viewing a task, editing a task, adding notes to a task) are the same... My brain doesn't differentiate between them.

Also, I'd like an option in the view tasks screen to close or go back to the task list in the upper right corner vs upper left. I have to think am extra second when editing a a task, saving it in the upper right corner, then going to the upper left corner to close it. Save and close are the same in my mind. (If you don't want to save every time, maybe an option to cancel vs the back arrow?)

Thanks for listening!
Posted at 1:12pm on June 7, 2021
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