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Provide a PDF of the Weekly Planner

alex.sereda says:
Ability to generate PDF for weekly planner (for printing, for sending to co-workers and so on)
Posted at 8:40pm on August 2, 2007
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Googling HTML2PDF shows a couple of open source projects that do this sort of thing.

An actual programmer would be needed to comment on how hard it would be to mash up RTM with one of these.

I like the idea, though.

On my Mac, I am spoiled by making PDFs out of anything so easily, but when I am stuck on my work PC, I remember how hard it is to make PDFs for most people.
Posted 13 years ago
alex.sereda says:
I see the following problems:
1. I can't use offline converter since it means I should have it installed on every PC I use.
2. Usage of online converter is a pain - rmilk doesn't show private pages without login (and it is correct), so I should save HTML to a file and after that convert it (for some converters it means host that file somewhere and give them url).

So... I think that a new link 'Print to PDF' near the 'Print' link will be a real headache solver :)
Posted 13 years ago
ml.barrett says:
I would tweak the link text slightly to be something like "create pdf", to make it more obvious that it can be printed immediately *or* saved to the computer for later printing, or storing, or sending to others.

The overall suggestion is really good, though. I, too, have a lot of PDF-making options available to me and had not thought about how much others might need this. Fortunately, there are a variety of programming libraries for dynamically creating pdfs on a server, so hopefully the RTM folks will be able to implement it.

In the meantime, one workaround you might be able to use is keeping handy a small USB drive with ChromePortable on it (see Chrome will print to PDF and the portable version doesn't need to be installed on a computer. You just run it straight from the USB drive.
Posted 9 years ago
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