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Show task's List in the tasks view

zainr says:
It would be great if we could create a new list for each project, and then in the "today", "this week", [any other smart list] views be able to see the name of the list that a given task is from.

This will add much needed context to what that task is about

Currently the only workaround is to not use lists, and instead create tags for every project. However, if one wants to be able to see just the tasks remaining for a given project then you now have to have created both a tag for that project *and* a smart list for the project.

This extra step adds friction whenever I'm starting a new project
Posted at 1:22am on December 16, 2019
orsonk99 says:
I agree. This is common practice for many other task trackers. Display the list in small text for each task. A useful piece of info to include in "Today," etc.
Posted 4 years ago
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