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Dark Mode for Web and Mobile Apps

(closed account) says:
Allow for "Dark" mode on all mobile apps and on Web App to improve eye strain and power consumption.
Posted at 2:00pm on September 12, 2019
(closed account) says:
I'm seriously considering switching to another app due to lack of movement in this area. It's annoying.
Posted 3 years ago
(closed account) says:
Dark mode is available in the latest version of the iOS app. Now sure about the Android version
Posted 3 years ago
bphh says:
This would be a nice feature for Android.
Posted 3 years ago
stenemo says:
Dark mode on Android should be very high priority.
Posted 3 years ago
dave.liao says:
Would love this for Android as well!
Posted 3 years ago
58ayuh says:
Yes, yes, and yes, with the last yes pertaining to the desktop/web version.
Posted 2 years ago
fblupi says:
What about having the same dark mode we have on iOS devices in the webapp and the app versions of Mac and Windows? Nowadays, every single app/web should have a dark theme
Posted 2 years ago
stormerider says:
Please add this to the web interface. I deal with migraines a lot, and the amount of white background on the site can be actively painful.
Posted 2 years ago
xidadesign says:
Yes I would love that too
Posted 2 years ago
nancyfanni says:
It's a deal breaker here, if it was op web/windows/mac I'd use RTM again!
Posted 1 year ago
ddavie says:
anyone know of browser extensions that would work for this?
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
Glad this is available for the Android version, just need this for web... 🙏
Posted 1 year ago
brycerton says:
Bump to this! Need dark mode for the Windows and Mac apps, if at all possible.
Posted 1 year ago
nickfocus says:
Agree, this is needed. It's easy to implement too, as much as I love RTM I don't see why they don't have this yet.
Posted 1 year ago
scotticles says:
really needs a dark theme, also the android dark theme is weird, the blue is too bright..for those wanting a web extension use the Dark Reader extension and turn on dark theme that way.
Posted 11 months ago
andreek says:
Posted 10 months ago
azzouz says:
Posted 9 months ago
dyehardz says:
+1 for web interface
Posted 6 months ago
brycerton says:
Is there a roadmap for features, by any chance? Not a lot of responses (if any) from devs here.
Posted 5 months ago
petejdc says:
Poke poke, RTM team. You really should have a Dark Mode in the web app in this day and age. :)

Posted 4 months ago
mwyadartm says:
Please... it is time for dark mode to happen!
Posted 14 weeks ago
monte.martin says:
RTM is SOOOO far behind the curve here. Dark mode has been a standard feature in every reasonable app for at least 3 years at this point.

I suppose I could write something to add custom styles with MilkScript, but that's ridiculous.
Posted 11 weeks ago
raftcup says:
Developers please enable this feature, since we do not get more than 1 theme under the free plan.
Posted 5 weeks ago
rodsherw says:
Please add a real dark mode as the glaring white on the web app at 5am in the morning is searing to the eyes.
Posted 5 weeks ago
mwyadartm says:
Poke. This is an important one -- a true dark mode. (The existing darker themes just aren't enough.)
Posted 18 days ago
jdownie says:
This solved my problem on the web interface FWIW...
Posted 11 days ago
kargakis says:
Yes, please
Posted 7 days ago
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