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IFTTT add a trigger new task completed with tag

shev72 says:
Currently there is no easy way to trigger just a subset of tasks. This is extremely limiting. I typically want certain triggers to run only if the task satisfies certain criteria. To make it simple and flexible the most useful criteria seems to be tag.

I generally feel that tools like IFTTT should be given priority since flexibility in the IFTTT interface immediately provides integration to a huge number of apps.
Posted at 11:51am on November 4, 2018
(closed account) says:
I am not sure about what you are suggesting - IFTTT supports trigger: A task is tagged with... But I am not sure, that's what you want.
Posted 5 years ago
olsansky says:
He wants an action where he can complete a task from IFTTT
Posted 5 years ago
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