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Repeated tasks should also be displayed at the future date

eddy.kwok says:
Currently, the behaviour of a repeated task will only be added once the repeated task has been marked as finished.

I need and would like to get all of the repeated tasks to be show up at their respective repeated date/time, so the estimated consumed time will become more accurate.

This is from a programmer perspective: The additional future repeted tasks shouldn't be physically added to the database, since there will be potentially repeated tasks being deleted/edited. :)
Posted at 6:06am on September 9, 2018
jaykaplon says:
Thought should be given to whether this means AFTER repeating tasks or EVERY repeating tasks. Showing future AFTER repeating tasks would be strange since you don't know when the current one will be completed. (For me AFTER tasks sometimes hang around along time before they are completed and thus recreated.)
EVERY tasks already show two instances of the task.
Posted 11 weeks ago
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