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Show list name as tag in task overviews

klaasdepoel says:
Every project of mine has a separate List. I use tags all over, but when viewing Today's Tasks or some Smart list I can't see to which Project (i.e. List) this task belongs. This can be confusing as I need to check each and every task to see it.

So my suggestion is to show the List name as a Tag when opening any Task overview (except when viewing the List itself).

The workaround would be to tag all tasks with a default List tag manually, but is too much work frankly.

I did try to find if this idea already had been suggested, but couldn't find it. Apologies if I just duplicated an idea.
Posted at 12:18pm on September 2, 2018
klaasdepoel says:
Right, so I just figured out (courtesy of jasonpbrown) that you can do advanced sorting and then group by list. That's a big help. Still, it takes up lots of space (on mobile esp)...
Posted 1 year ago
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