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Categories for lists/Metasorting

tillheinzel says:
One of the coolest features in RTM is for me the ability to organize tasks in multiple dimensions. I can see everything belonging to a list, or having a certain tag (including location etc.), or whatever I want, using smart lists. This is an awesome feature that is pretty much required to get organized. So I am kind of surprised that this concept is not applied to the organization of the lists themselves.

I have literally just started using RTM and immediately I wanted to organize my lists into home, work, and later. And I only have ~20 lists! I have no idea how people with 100+ lists deal.

Currently, the lists are organized by type: Lists, Smart Lists, Contacts, Tags, Locations (Where Tags and Locations and probably Contacts really just contain preconfigured smart lists)
In many cases I think it is much more intuitive to organize these by some user-defined category, such as Home or Work. The current categories would just be a default (when e.g. creating a new Tag on-the-fly, this would be where it'd go).

These categories would still be exclusive (each list/tag/smart list/contact/location in one category only) and users should be able to switch between category-view and type-view.
The add-button would require a new submenu letting users pick the kind of thing they would like to add, and the different kinds of objects in these meta-lists would need icons to distinguish them.
I guess the details would be different on different platforms, but I have so far only used the webapp and the android app.

I think this would address the same need as the sublists proposal.

I just realized I started working this proposal out as I would at work, sorry for that :)

Any thoughts?
Posted at 9:48am on April 21, 2018
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