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Order subtasks by drop an drop

holl0w says:
Add the possibility to reorder subtasks by drag and drop even when the main list has sort order by priority. I personaly order main-tasks in a list and order them by priority when the due date is reached. But the subtasks of these tasks i like to order by drag and drop because they have all the same priority and i want them to represent the processing order. Currently i add a number preset for every task, for example: "1. open the door", "2. go through the door", "3. close the door" to order them correctly. If i use order by priority, the will order "close the door", ""go through the door", "open the door".
Posted at 1:49pm on February 1, 2018
slgray872 says:
Yes, I would appreciate this feature as well!
Posted 1 year ago
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