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"Uncompletable" tasks

mackar says:
Basically, a task that you can not accidentally complete.

For example, you have a list called "Big project". Inside you have several tasks "Phase1", "Phase2", "Phase3"...and inside those you continuously add subtasks and sub-subtasks and so on.

The problem is, "Phase" tasks can be accidentally completed. and all the subtaks are gone.
Sure, "you just tap undo" or "you just create 'Phase' lists instead of 'phase' tasks"...but all this defeats the purpose of lists and taks, or becomes a real pain.

The solution...I am thinking on something simple. Add an option to make a task "uncompletable" or say if you add a task with a "*" in front it automatically becomes "uncompletable" (i.e. *Phase1 or * Phase1).

Posted at 5:57pm on January 12, 2018
mackar says:
Another option, I am guessing more complex, is to create subprojects.
Posted 1 year ago
fhettenbach says:
why not using tags for the project-description.
Let's not make RTM into a projectmanagement tool-
Posted 1 year ago
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