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Badge counts for Incomplete/Completed tabs

mcgaritydotme says:
When viewing a list or an individual task's sub-tasks section, there are two tabs: Incomplete, and Completed. It would be helpful to show badge counts on these tabs, when tasks exist.

For example, I have a parent task with three subtasks, 1 complete, 2 incomplete. The "1" and "2" would be reflected in the tabs themselves.

This has the potential to get quite noisy (ex: a bunch of "0" badges all over the place), so perhaps don't display a badge unless there's an actual task that qualifies. Or have an account setting that allows users to disable badges, if they don't find them useful.

An alternative would be the ability to hover over the tab and see a popover with the counts.
Posted at 2:40pm on November 11, 2017
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