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Delete a tag from multiple tasks in one operation

larrylarr says:
*Tags are one of the most powerful components of RTM.
*We can already add a tag to multiple tasks in a single operation.
*To fully use the power of RTM, we need to be able to delete a tag from multiple tasks in a single operation.

Example: Life happens and the tasks that were due today won't all be accomplished. I'd like to build a new list of tasks to complete tomorrow, including some that were due today, some that were due previously, and of different rated priorities (who hasn't run out of priority levels?). I don't want to change due dates on repeating tasks because they are scheduled on purpose. I can easily add an appropriate tag to all tasks desired and view just that list of tasks to focus on tomorrow. However, I would need an easy way to remove the added tag from those tasks that don't get accomplished so that I don't end up with hundreds/thousands of meaningless tags, or go beyond the limits of RTM. By being able to reuse the same tag for "today's focus list" or "tomorrow's focus list", I can use saved lists to display only the tasks I want to see.

This feature would bring enormous power to RTM, essentially providing an unlimited number of priorities (and I'd settle for that, instead).

Thank you.
Posted at 11:06pm on September 7, 2017
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