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Task inherits deadline of soonest-due subtask

salustri says:
The idea is that a task with no due date assigned would "inherit" the due date of the earliest due subtask (if such exists). Then, by sorting tasks on due dates, one would see tasks reorder as subtasks are completed.
Posted at 1:36am on April 1, 2017
(closed account) says:
Or the possibility to align the subtask to the main task due date, it would be a nice addition
Posted 7 years ago
bcampbell says:
The suggestion as originally described by solustri would be great. This woudl be great when I create a main task as a project name and the subtasks are the next actions.
Posted 6 years ago
john.strunk says:
Without this capability, I find subtasks to be of limited utility. It's way too easy to forget about the subtasks with due dates.
Posted 5 years ago
jamezzz says:
Ooooh, interesting! I could really use that!
Posted 5 years ago
jamezzz says:
That would actually help work around the issue where subtasks with due dates being hidden in certain SmartLists when the parent task appears in that SmartList, which is a major issue for me.
Posted 5 years ago
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