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Hide tag when it's the only tag being searched for

erichdongubler says:
Idea: when a search or smart list ("view") is shown, and that view's criteria includes one and only one tag, have an option to hide that tag.

Reasoning: If we're searching for tasks with a certain tag we already know that every task we see will have that tag. Duh! Showing the tag in the view is then redundant clutter, and wastes space we could fill with something else. By removing a tag when context implies that it HAS to be there, we remove this problem.

* Implement functionality to hide/show ALL tags: This has been suggested before. I feel that the main reason that these ideas still haven't been reached enough votes is that this concept is too coarse-grained.

Implementation notes:
* Of course, this can and should be an option -- some people may value consistency over optimizing the tidiness of searching with a single tag.
Posted at 11:17pm on March 5, 2017
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