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Allow tasks with and without Due Times to be sorted within the same priority when on a list that contains multiple Due Dates

egatlin says:
Need you to add Due Time to the sort options or something... I have a smart list (that covers past due and upcoming for the next week) sorted by due date and priority. My issue is that tasks without a specific time for completion fall to the bottom of my smart list within a given day. I wouldn't mind items with a due time to be listed above tasks without a due time, but I need them to stay inside the same priority for that day. In other words, I need to sort by Due Date, Priority, Due Time.
Posted at 11:45pm on January 19, 2017
xtoq says:
If you have access to the custom sorting options, you should already be able to do this. In the gear icon, click "Sort by advanced" then "New" then choose "Priority" first, then "Due Date". All your high priority tasks should now be sorted together, and all fall on the right dates.

I personally use Due Date then Priority, and for a given day my time based tasks are sorted at the top then sorted into priority, then my today due but not time due tasks are sorted below those according to priority. This sounds like the opposite of what you wanted though!
Posted 3 years ago
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