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Past Due Recurring Tasks

(closed account) says:
Currently when you mark a recurring task complete, when it regenerates the new task, it creates it for the next scheduled time and not the next AVAILABLE scheduled time.

For example, I have a daily task that reminds me to post to Twitter. I have the recurrance set for "daily". But if I don't complete the task on Tuesday (and therefore don't check it off) by Wednesday it will show as past due like it should. So then, let's say I finally complete the task on Friday (so I skipped Tues, Wed, and Thur and the task is showing as past due). When I mark it as complete on Friday, a new task generates for Wednesday instead of Saturday (the next availalbe day that the task would be due). So then I have to remember to mark it complete for Wed, Thur, and Fri so that it finally shows as due for Saturday.

This is kind of annoying. It would be awesome if it could be fixed.
Posted at 1:57pm on January 19, 2017
xtoq says:
Set the recurrence for "after 1 day" instead of "every 1 day." This should make the task due on the next day (Saturday in your example) and work exactly like you need.

More information in this help article:
Posted 3 years ago
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