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List-based Daily Digest (work/home/etc.)

gotmatt says:
Allow multiple, list-based daily digests and unique/multiple recipients for each.

I use lists + smart lists to separate work and home tasks. My daily digest does not reflect that separation in any way, and it all goes to my personal e-mail.

I'd be great to send one of my work's smart list to my work e-mail, while my home smart list is sent to my personal e-mail.

The alternative is to purchase Pro twice for the same person, but I doubt that's something most customers can/will opt to do.
Posted at 1:32pm on January 10, 2017
mahinirb says:
Great idea - some of my tasks (like "take medicine") aren't useful for the daily digest. I need to see the few unique tasks I have each day, which can be organized in a specific list that I'd pick for daily digest.
Posted 3 years ago
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