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Ability to add contact without email address.

adolph.vogel says:
I want to use RTM to keep track of tasks other people are doing, but I don't always want to send them emails. Some of my colleagues also don't have access to emails. At the moment I have to enter a phony email address when assigning a task to someone. It would be very helpful if you could add a task and assign it to someone only with a name.
Posted at 7:29am on November 21, 2016
msalam says:
Absolutely agree. NirvanaHQ is one of the only ones I know of that allow this and its so helpful. I think many companies treat it as an advertising/marketing opportunity which is lame.
Posted 4 years ago
rabeckman says:
Great suggestion.
Posted 3 years ago
adolph.vogel says:
More than a year later we still don't have this feature or any feedback from the RTM team. Maybe I should try out NirvanaHQ instead.
Posted 2 years ago
makzan says:
Agree on this. Now I have to setup "" to get around it.
Posted 2 years ago
milene.cha says:
I second it!
Great for freelancers or anyone who does not work with teams.
This would be quite a competitive advantage for RTM, I wonder why they never thought it. This is a gap in tasks/project management apps in general.
I believe it would not be difficult to implement.
Posted 7 weeks ago
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