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Postpone start dates

(closed account) says:
Now that we have start dates, could we also choose to postpone the start date rather than the due date using the menu?
On certain personal setups, start dates are far more used than due dates, and the ability to quickly postpone or bulk postpone start dates would be a plus.
Posted at 11:17am on October 27, 2016
maciek.ziernicki says:
I would add: I often want to postpone both. I have tasks that I want to "consider" in the future. So, I need to move both dates so that SmartLists work properly. I suggest this implementation:

Only due date present: no change to existing functionality

Only a start date present: eliminate existing approach that puts in a due date; instead, postpone the start date

Both start and due dates present: expand a sub-menu to the right, with options to postpone due date, start date, or both.
Posted 1 year ago
maciek.ziernicki says:
I forgot to add another reason this would be helpful. Since I often postpone tasks from a smartlist, changing the start date or due date immediately causes the task to disappear from the list. So, what I have to now do instead when I want to change both dates:

1. Postpone the due date or edit the start date.
2. Search for the task, since it has disappeared from the list.
3. Edit the other date.
4. Go back to my SmartList.

This is quite tedious.
Posted 1 year ago
kakaxa says:
Posted 1 year ago
pablolopeztorres says:
Posted 1 year ago
bluecoqui says:
The way I use RTM means I postpone task a lot, but I started using start date instead of due date; So I can leave the due date for hard deadlines. I used to use Shift + P a lot. It would be incredibly helpful to have a similar shortcut for Start Dates, instead of having to use Bulk Edit.
Posted 1 year ago
maklipsa says:
Would be really useful for me also.
Posted 4 months ago
operso says:
Posted 10 weeks ago
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