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Independent sort for subtasks

onerror says:
Subtasks should optionally have their own sort, at least by drag and drop. When I use tasks for my current work tasks, they usually have several subtasks which should be done in the certain sequence, however, I can't assign this sequence manually.
Posted at 2:52pm on October 25, 2016
jamezzz says:
This would be very useful, especially the having the drag n drop option for subtasks.
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
Would love this feature. One of several things which makes subtasks clunky and the reason I will probably move on at some point.
Posted 7 years ago
shekala says:
Absolutely agree!! manual drag and drop is essential in order to maximize usefulness of subtasks.
Posted 7 years ago
bhsaved102900 says:
Agreed - generally, my "parent tasks" which contain subtasks (usually equating to a project) are sorted by priority, but the subtasks represent the chronological order in which I need to accomplish tasks related to the project/parent. Having those automatically inherit the sorting from the parent make that pretty challenging.
Posted 4 years ago
orsonk says:
I feel the same as others. For example, I have a "Prospects" list in alphabetical order. That's convenient for me. But when I assign subtasks for a given prospect, I want them to be sorted by drag and drop. Right now the way I can do that is first have my master list of prospects in task name order, then switch to drag and drop. I'd like to avoid that extra step.
Posted 4 years ago
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