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Abstract Location

onerror says:
The app has a location parameter. It's okay, but users not always need it to be connected to the exact location. For example, I have Home and Office as locations but I would like to add Subway or Bus or Plane as possible location as well instead of tags because they ) They only don't have any point on the map to be connected to. So, I suggest that locations could be without an exact location, and have only a name, for filtering purposes.
Posted at 10:00am on October 17, 2016
sean.lawrence says:
Great idea. I use tags to get the same effect, but it's perverse to use a different feature when there's a "location" feature right there.
Posted 4 years ago
salembc says:
Agreed - we have a rural site where RTM doesn't recognize the address and we have several different buildings. I've had to put wrong addresses in for all of them because it won't let me not enter anything.
Posted 3 years ago
mesmes says:
Yess! I would need @pharmacy @supermarket @doctor for example.
Posted 3 years ago
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