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Put entries with date + time (+ list/tag/...) into calendar

abonhote says:
Sometimes it's required not just add a task to the todo list, but rather plan time for it. Having Exchange and Outlook at the office, I can't use the ical feed for that - simply because the items won't show up in my main calendar.

I would appreciate the ability to selectively put tasks into a calendar of choice. For example:

- Tasks with Due date and due Time with tag #block
- If there's a task estimate, the calendar entry should have that duration. End time of the calendar entry would be the due time.

There's an android app that does this quite well, but for toodledo. The UI is aweful, but that's another story. Search for "Ultimate Todo List".
Posted at 8:30am on June 3, 2016
(closed account) says:
Adding a Start date and time would be one way to set aside planning time, especially if the prep time is days or weeks. Other than that, I just block off time on my calendar.

But I can see how this would be a good integration.
Posted 2 years ago
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