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Copy & Paste of Tasks Repeating Setting as text

thomas.ritter says:
I would like the option (on Android) to copy an existing repeating setting (mainly interesting for complex ones),
so it can be pasted to another/or new task(s).
The repeating options on Android are cumbersome (the example syntax does not necessarily match the correct
syntax) and there is no GUI (like on the Web app).

To be more precise:
The problem on the Android is that there is no way to copy the repeating option from an existing task shown.
When I tap on Modify task -> Repeating I do see
(in German) "Jeden 1 Jahr am 3. Montag Mai"
(in English "every year on the 3rd Monday in May"
but cant copy that text/setting and use it in another task, or just modify it without having to start from scratch
when either creating a new task or just want to update an existing tasks repeating setting.

Figuring out complex repeating options like the one above is an annoying game and waste of time
(especially in German, so I'm using already using the English syntax on my German based Android phone).
Posted at 12:21pm on May 18, 2016
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