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Ability to check if subtasks are complete.

tismey says:
It'd be really useful for the hasSubtasks search property to be able to distinguish between Complete and Incomplete tasks. For example:

In my GTD setup, I use tasks/subtasks as Project/Next Actions. To help with my weekly review is like to have a way of finding anything tagged as a project that doesn't have an associated action. I thought this would be as simple as "tag:project AND hasSubtasks:false", but this doesn't capture projects where all the subtasks are completed.

Being able to tell if a task has Incomplete subtasks seems like a sensible addition to the syntax, to me.

Posted at 1:34pm on April 30, 2016
muckpond says:

This was also brought up in a (now closed) thread:

Please give us a way to filter/search based on tasks that are complete/incomplete.

In pseudocode, I need a way to say "Find all tasks with no incomplete subtasks"

This is, of course, a GTD kind of thing.

Posted 1 year ago
tismey says:
This functionaliity must exist behind the scenes, because all tasks with subtasks have a label that shows the number of _incomplete_ subtasks associated with it.
Posted 1 year ago
muckpond says:
I don't suppose there's been any. Overeat on this?
Posted 1 year ago
muckpond says:
.... Uh, "any movement" that should say.
Posted 1 year ago
nickmcg says:
Good suggestion
Posted 1 year ago
cavanaughmm says:
I find subtasks during my weekly review that are not complete using a SmartList:

status:incomplete AND hasSubtask=false AND (listContains:..PRJ OR tag:..prj)

I start all main projects with the phrase "..PRJ" so that it's easy to identify them. Right now I am also adding the tag "..prj" to see whether the "list" method or tagging works better for identifying/managing projects (tasks) and subtasks.

Unless the subtask has a subtask, this seems to find them for me. Pretty new to RTM so maybe I'm missing something?
Posted 12 months ago
davidfarquhar says:
I think the proposal is a great idea and would second this. Having a filter called "HasIncompleteSubtasks" would be the ultimate idea.

@cavanaughmm - your idea works well, but it means adding another list here. One of the nice things about the proposal is it makes your main work list much more dynamic, and means you can apply subtasks to any task really quickly without having to mark it as a project.

So if I have a smart list containing tasks a,b,c and I suddenly decide that its easier to break task b down into b1,b2,b3 to make it easier to complete, I'd like to just go into task b and add those subtasks.

If I've set the smart list to ignore parent tasks then instantly my list now contains a,b1,b2,b3,c. Great, now I have a much simpler view of my life, I can tick off each task as I do it, works really well. But when b1,b2,b3 are all done I won't see b in the list. I have to go to a separate list containing parents/projects to check it.

I'd much prefer it if the smartlist ignored parents with incomplete subtasks, then the moment b1,b2 & b3 are complete you would see a,b,c again, and be able to tick off b to say I've done that. You're working within a single list all the time which is much easier to do
Posted 10 months ago
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