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Filter within a list (and Smart List)

natosis says:
I'd love the option to pare down a specific list into specific contexts (similar to Nozbe, but I think you guys can do a better job). Example: I'm in my next actions Smart List, and I'm at the clinic working on my computer. I'd like to filter this list down to tasks to my location (@clinic) + context (computer-work). Or, maybe I'm at my computer at work, but I specifically only want to work on work-emails: location (@clinic) + context 1 (computer-work) + context 2 (email). I know I can do this via Smart Lists or by clicking on the individual contexts/locations, or via the sorting/grouping option. But these options all require multiple steps and have no finesse. I want a dynamic filtering within whatever list I'm currently in to only show what I need for that given moment. One option would be to be to have a drop-down menu to select tags/locations to filter by, and make a checkmark system similiar to group-selecting tags so you could have multiple items selected. This would probably be the best option, as it could easily translate to the mobile apps, as well.
Posted at 3:21pm on March 22, 2016
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