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muhozhrun says:
To know which tasks have been done for the day, how many and which tasks have been postponed, and which tasks have been removed. I need to know this information at the end of the day, thanks.
Posted at 10:17am on March 8, 2016
nickle says:
That's pretty cool.
Posted 8 years ago
carloscadu says:
Just linking to other thread, in which was discussed:
"I've tried to set up RTM for a team, and not having both "notifications" and "log/history" features makes RTM quite inefficient to teamwork. If one have 10 tasks, it may be manageable to check each task for changes. But if you have +100 tasks in a shared environment and you don't have means to follow what is going on, it becomes really impossible to have a productive teamwork."
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Posted 8 years ago
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