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"Days Until" function for event countdown

tallestguy says:
I wish there was some kind of countdown feature available, maybe as an additional "priority level" because basically, I want to quickly check a smart list or maybe see a daily ticker of some kind that says something like "X will happen in X days" or "X days until X event" This type of big picture snapshot can really come in handy when adding or postponing tasks to a project, or even to keep something in mind before saying yes to something that might impact a future event that might otherwise be out of sight out of mind.

Back in college I used this type of thing to organize my study time and to gage when I could slack off a bit and when to prep for specific exams or to sort out to-do items for term projects.

Other examples include:
I could see this feature being useful when organizing a home move. If the move project due date had a countdown, I could launch the app to book appointments for the movers, cleaners, etc. or schedule when to contact vendors to transfer services, etc. Now when I add tasks to a project like this, there's a lot of referencing the calendar and a bit of maths involved to sort out sequences of what should be done when. This type of countdown function would add a quick visual insight into the bigger picture.

Weddings - I've received invitations 6+ months in advance for out of town weddings. If the actual event is in RTM it could fester close to the end of way too many scrolls. I realize there's a 'warn me early' tag hack to prompt action - like notes to book flight/hotel several months in advance. I think having this built in to the system would just make it easier to organize multiple tasks for a far off event while also building in some excitement to see the progress.

Advent calendar - We use one every year to get our family in the holiday spirit each year. Having a digital countdown for holidays in my RTM list would be nice.

Vacations - Seeing how many days left before a trip could be a huge moral booster when too many to-do's clutter up the screen.
Posted at 4:57am on March 7, 2016
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