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Better subtasking functionality

shardvicens says:
I need an alternate method for manipulating subtasks. Click and drag is great for most people, but it's just too clunky for some actions I try to do with subtasks. Some examples where it is VERY clunky and almost impossible to work with:

-moving tasks that are not near each other (different list, different day, etc)
-moving a subtask to a different parent task
-moving a task WITHOUT making it a subtask (it's hard to tell where it will end up
-moving a subtask OUT of a parent task (like if it got dropped there unintentionally

You could work on the GUI animation for clicking a dragging tasks to help a little, but I think a manual method would be better. Here's a couple ways that I would like it to work:

1)Click a task, and start typing in the "Add a subtask" field. Here it will automatically populate a list of suggested already existing tasks. This should suggest any list that contain the words that you've already typed (typing "garbage" should suggest my task "Take out the garbage") but could also include the most recent edited or added tasks.

2)Choose a task that you want to be a subtask, and click a "Make subtask of" button, and start typing the name of the parent task that you want to add it to. Again, it should suggest tasks containing the words that you type, but could also suggest parent tasks that you've recently added to.

I think having both of these would be best, but even having one (maybe the first since the field already exists) would solve a lot of problems I have using subtasks
Posted at 7:54pm on February 7, 2016
fant says:
moving Subs on Android between parents or other Task is not possible, as far as I see.
If subtasks are a pro Feature, the handling of subtasks should also be supported on android, iphone. Otherwise it's halfhearted implemented, IMHO.
Posted 5 years ago
onerror says:
Posted 5 years ago
jenzzaflow says:
reallly would like to see such a feature!
Posted 4 years ago
benpeter says:
Posted 3 years ago says:

It would be really useful.
Posted 3 years ago
(closed account) says:
Posted 3 years ago
henrikba says:
+1 — I really think this could be implemented well with a variant of move task; would allow simple keyboard navigation to complete it, too;
* m (move)
* some kind of "Smart Add"-esque modifier to switch list -> tasks, with incremental search for task, hit enter to select etc.

Would allow both moving a task into another task (making it sub-task), or - moving a subtask to a list (converting that back to a task).

For this to be a complete solution, it would also be required on mobile.

(FWIW: I wanted to adopt a full sub-task driven workflow, but the complexity of moving tasks, and incompatibility with mobile stopped it. I think a simple move feature would do the trick!)
Posted 3 years ago
amzar says:
Posted 2 years ago
tomparys says:

I'm really considering moving to a different app, since this means I can't process my Inbox on my phone!!
Posted 2 years ago
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