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Automatic backups of all RTM tasks

xierox says:
As far as I can tell, there is no simple, *automatic* backup of RTM tasks that can be configured. This is slightly unnerving, given how much time I spend within RTM.

I know that you can download an ICS file which contains your tasks, but this is a manual process which is error prone and most people likely do not do on a regular basis.

Given that competing products (e.g., Todoist) offer automatic, periodic point in time backups of all your tasks, I'd love it if RTM offered the same thing. That way, if something catastrophic happened (e.g., all my tasks are deleted by mistake), I could easily revert to an earlier point in time with minimal loss.

Example from Todoist:

I'd feel a lot more comfortable recommending this service to my friends if this service existed.
Posted at 7:27pm on October 3, 2015
jrrt says:
I agree. Unless it is automated, it won't happen. RTM does such a swell job of making The Right Thing Just Happen that the lack of a backup stands out, in a sad way, when you think about it.

This is worth doing even if it only works in the web app. Even if it is first implemented as a button at the top (i.e. next to Report A Bug) which has to be manually pressed. That button would create a backup file with the current date and time in its name, stored in whatever directory RTM uses on each OS/browser platform.
Posted 8 years ago
lcholman says:
I agree. I do this through iCal and its To Do list which imports from RTM. In fact I keep the backup file itself and a Word file with my entire to do list (and notes) where I can reference things I might have deleted. I keep an old computer running an out of date Mac operating system so I can make this happen since iCal does not have a to do list in its current version. I am going to start looking for an alternative because not having the backup is insane.
Posted 8 years ago
carlosleitao says:
Totally agree!!!

When talking about security, we all know that two things are really critical:

1) 2FA (there is a topic about it. Please, vote!)
2) BKP´s: everybody should have about everything.

Most people are not aware that any service that syncs data (like RTM) do not generate "real" backups, but only copies of updated data.

I mean, if you delete something on you PC, it will be deleted everywhere. (If you are not a pro user at RTM, you still have 24 hours to revert, if you have a mobile....or not?)

Anyway, risky!


I really do not understand: you are so smart!

You were clever enough to create Remember The Milk and you still have not deployed 2FA and automatic backups?

Can you imagine, what can happen, if the RTM is cracked and we do not have 2FA and even bkp´s?

Pleeeeeease..... ;)
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
Seems like this is very old thread with less updates. Any ETA or plans for backup feature?
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
Being able to backup my RTM tasks and store that backup on my computer is immensely important. If I accidentally change the due date on a large number of tasks, or if my account gets hacked and deleted, I should be able to revert to my latest backup and upload that to RTM and be back in business. I cannot afford to lose my data. Many other task managers, offer a local backup option, RTM should also. Exporting to an ICS file just doesn't cut it. Thanks.
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
I use File History and Second Copy to routinely backup my data files to external disks. I too am nervous that I can't do this with RTM. To me a backup only occurs if I can simply restore my RTM data no matter what.
Posted 5 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi kengoodnight,
We recently added JSON export and a corresponding import option so you can simply restore your Remember The Milk data if needed.
Posted 5 years ago
ksingernc says:
I agree. I don't trust the cloud to be always available. I need to have my data on my hard drive in a form that I can look at and understand. JSON is not something "readable".
Posted 1 year ago
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