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Variables for repeating tasks (e.g. task name 'pay bills for $month', where $month is the actual month name)

stokes says:
Hi, it would be great to have some kind of counter for repeating tasks. something like "exercise number $i" as title of the task where $i will be incremented every time the task is recreated, or "pay bills for $month", where $month is the actual month or other repeating schedule. thx & greetings.
Posted at 10:36pm on April 4, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
stokes, cool idea :) Does anyone else have other examples of how they'd use something like this?
Posted 14 years ago
vidal says:
great idea, it would be great to be able to specify how often a task will be repeated (e.g. every week/five times).
Posted 14 years ago
peter.soeth says:
It would be great if notes on a task would not carry over repeating tasks. For example I have a task to attend a weekly meeting. I put my notes from the meeting in the notes section. Since I have it repeating, the notes from the previous weeks carry over.

I don't want this to happen because the notes will get quite long after a while. Thanks!
Posted 13 years ago
lwallach says:
Peter - separate notes? Also, is RTM really the best place to keep this stuff? My suggestion would be to use a tool more geared towards EVENTS. A meeting is better defined as an event then a task. What about something like Google Calendar, where you can add notes specific to the particular instance?

Emily, as far as the original suggestion, I see this being useful mainly in figuring out where you are in a series but this also would suggest creating an additional kind of repeat, similar to what some event tools like Google Calendar have - not just repeat every x or repeat after x, but:

repeat every/after x until y (y being a specific date)


repeat ever/after x for z times (where z is a number of instances you want it to repeat).

This way, if there was an icrement on the instance (which there should be if the second option above was implemented), then it could be easily exposed to the user:

2007 Workout (#21 of 150), etc.

I'm not sure right now if I can think of a task that I would want to see an increment like that. I'm sure there must be examples that would fit here, but nothing comes to me immediately...
Posted 13 years ago
aaronhh says:

(pro memberships count for two votes.) :-D
Posted 13 years ago
ctheune2 says:
Plus one million!

I have a lot of "maintenance" tasks that repeat a lot and that may stack up over time and I need to figure out which occurence is still due.

Posted 10 years ago
whypoint says:
On a yearly "Happy birthday"-reminder it would be great to be able to compute the actual birthday number (using year of birth as one variable and current year as another). Like:

"Buy present for mums ${%YEAR - %1949}th birthday" =>
"Buy present for mums 63th birthday"
Posted 9 years ago
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