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Support for business or working days in due dates (e.g. 'in 10 working days')

nickle says:
It should be possible to enter 10wd meaning ten working days.

This could be simple and just ignore weekends.
Posted at 9:21am on February 2, 2007
dsgndvlp says:
I agree
Posted 14 years ago
nickle says:
The more sophisticated approach would be to use the holiday calendar for where you are and take public holidays into account

Posted 14 years ago
awilson says:
I know this is an old thread but I've just tried to add a task and thought I would give working days ago. It didn't seem to work so can I add my support for this little idea, it doesn't have to be anything too advanced at first, just basic working days would be cool.

Posted 12 years ago
awilson says:
I've just realised that this could be harder to bring in that I first thought. As different country have holidays at different times.
eg. Boxing Day (UK but not USA)
So therefore there could be some confusion.

Still it would add to an already useful product.
Posted 12 years ago
timfg says:
Can I add a vote for this please? I keep my work tasks in the iGoogle gadget and, after fiddling with what works for me for a week, have concluded that I want to see overdue + today + next working day...but I can't see there's any way to achieve this that works on a Friday....
Posted 12 years ago
galeksic says:
I am not sure why 36 people don't like this idea, but I think it would be very nice - having a task which repeats every two weekdays, for example (this week on mon, wed, fri and next week on tue, thu).
Posted 9 years ago
dbsk says:
There's a duplicate at
Posted 2 years ago
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