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Detect context by SSID

ben.wainwright says:
I love the location aware context feature, but having GPS enabled on your phone all the time can drain the battery. It would be really great if my phone knew which context it was nearby on the basis of which WIFI network it was connected to.


As a PGCE student, I currently have three major places - home, school, university. Each of these has its own WIFI network. I'd LOVE for my phone to remind me I have things to do in each of them but I don't want to have to keep my GPS on all the time.
Posted at 8:33pm on September 24, 2012
j.daniel.cook says:
You can not do this in a Web App. A better option would be to use the phone's built-in geolocation which will use GPS, cell towers, AND SSIDs (technically it is using the routers MAC address because SSIDs are not unique).
Posted 7 years ago
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