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New repeat option: after [number] hours (e.g. 'after 6 hours')

brian.reilly says:
This is similar to another request ( However, I would like support for repeat "after [number] hours". The suggested workaround for repeat "every [number] hours" does not work in this case because I want the next due time to depend on the time of the previous completion.

My use case is that I'm dealing with a head cold and I want to take my decongentant every 4 hours. However, if I'm late with a dose, I still have to wait 4 hours before taking it again. Setting up a task with repeat after 4 hours would be perfect for this. Also, looking over the completed tasks would (I think) give me a record of when I actually took it.
Posted at 3:29pm on May 15, 2012
boudreauxb says:
I was just thinking about this today. If a repeat could be linked to completion time that is awesome! My example is washing the sheets in my house. I want to do it once a week, but if I don't get to it until Friday I want the next time the task repeats to be on Friday!
Posted 10 years ago
caroline.dunne says:
I'd really like this too to stop me checking my email every 2 minutes!
Posted 10 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
Yes please.
Posted 9 years ago
megan.strickland says:
This, please!

"Repeat after [X] hours" would be incredibly useful!

Also, "repeat EVERY [X] hours":
Posted 8 years ago
wmitsuda says:
I guess the most common use case would be to take a medication every/after X hours. Please implement this feature!
Posted 5 years ago
helen.griffiths says:
I need this feature to take medicine multiple times per day. Taking it late is not a problem, taking it early is, so the kludge of making three events and each repeats daily is no good.
Posted 3 years ago
jaykaplon says:
When implementing this, be sure that 'repeat after 0 hours' is a valid option. I want to mark a task as completed and then have that task immediately regenerated as due right now (so today and this time) so that I can look at the completed task and see when I've done it.
I might complete the task zero times a day, one time a day, or multiple times in a given day. In each case my Completed tasks should show each completion and the date and time marked complete.
Posted 4 months ago
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