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Desktop app

benpage26 says:
I don't know if this would completly be beyond the scope or point of RTM (Which by the way is awesome! Thank you to Emily, Omar and Bob...) but i think that a really great tool would be a simple desktop application that could be used when your computer is offline. As a laptop user i'm often at my computer but not in range of internet. it would be good if there was an application that could be used to download your lists when you are online, and allow you to edit (or even just view) them without access to the internet. At the moment i have to save the print view onto my computer and look at that for when i am away from the internet.
Posted at 6:42pm on December 13, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We've just launched desktop apps for Windows and Linux. These join our Mac app. We hope you enjoy the apps! :)
Posted 7 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
While my following suggestion is a far cry from a desktop app, I encourage you to try subscribing to your lists' feeds with a feed reader that will cache them and display them offline. This does the trick for my reference purposes.

For example, I use iCal to get the feeds, which then go from there to my iPod and my Palm. Works well.
Posted 17 years ago
benpage26 says:
lol! that is a much simpler solution all round. Thank you.
(this don't mean an app would b cool.)
Posted 17 years ago
samokhov says:
Or you can just open a weekly planner and save that page to HD.
Posted 17 years ago
manoj.chugh says:
good idea benpage26. I second you.

Or some firefox extension like the new extension which allows users to access their bookmarks even when offline.
Posted 17 years ago
deanhouseholder says:
There is a C-based API available...

I'm sure someone with some good vB experience can whip up a GUI app that could interface with RTM while offline... Anyone?
Posted 17 years ago
tarahall813 says:
Regarding the comment about subscribing to your list's feed via an RSS reader - I use one from Yahoo Widgets that displays my task list on my desk top. Very handy.
Posted 17 years ago
canyonr says:
I would love to see something like Evernote 3 for RTM with Offline use and online syncing.
Posted 16 years ago
cdegeorge says:
Still would love a desktop app.
Posted 13 years ago
william.flack says:
I would love to see something for the windows desktop like the excellent new ipad app. The ability to write and read notes that look like the notes in the ipad app would be great.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree, something like the ipad app as an online app for the mac and also as an interface update for the online version would be awesome. I don't have an ipad but love what I see of that app and wonder how hard it would be to update the online app to a newer interface like that.
Posted 13 years ago
colin_thames says:
I agree. In the meantime have a look at App for the Milk (Google it). It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and allows editing and crating new tasks offline. It then syncs when you're back online. It saves your tasks to an XML file so you won't lose them. I've only been using it for two days but it's great.
Posted 13 years ago
darynwhite says:
Oh man.. I've used App for the Milk and various other 3rd party RTM apps and none are like my iPhone app.. even something that simple would be perfect! Just so I can have it up next to my twitter window w/out having to switch tabs in Firefox all the time.. Great app, Nothing compares!
Posted 12 years ago
chandan.maruthi says:
I love the Androip app . While its great to review tasks and close completed tasks. I find it difficult to plan my week and add 10-20 tasks at a time or rearrange tasks on the limited screen space on my android phone .

What i would like to have is a desktop app which I could use . I have used several apps like app for the milk, YAR desktop etc. But I think that have not evolved at all and most of them are not updated since 2009.

Could you consider adding a desktop app . Something thats done on Adobe Air perhaps and uses the full space of the laptop screen to create/arrange/edit/delete tasks and look at them in different views. I like to look at tasks by week. Like whats pending today , this week, next week etc.
Posted 12 years ago
partario says:
I'm with canyonr, in that I think an Evernote style desktop app with offline caching and sync would be divine.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
a desktop app is totally needed especially for those who doesn't use Google Chrome. It seems that it's an old topic but it's time to have one (win7)
Posted 11 years ago
r.zaza says:
It's really needed.
Posted 11 years ago
blomi says:
Absolutesy need one Desktop App. In the meantime we Get widows 8. So, please give us an special App.
Posted 11 years ago
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