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Ability to switch between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

michael.mccusker says:
For iPads with multiple users, provide and easy way to switch between users. Like the Facebook app, for example.
Posted at 10:56pm on November 23, 2011
(closed account) says:
I vote - yes
Posted 9 years ago
zwempha says:
Posted 8 years ago
nancy.pearson says:
This would be helpful. Has any development progress been made yet?
Posted 8 years ago
khswenson says:
My wife and I just started using RTM. The fact that there's no simple way to switch between our two accounts on the shared family iPad or to prevent the kids from browsing the contents short of resetting everything is the biggest annoyance we've encountered so far.
Posted 8 years ago
bob3 says:
With two of us sharing one iPad, switching accounts in important. If we reset is the data in the web account removed?
Posted 8 years ago
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