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iOS Reminders app integration

mikael.hardy says:
Currently through CalDav we can use the Reminders app (by hand or through Siri) to update RTM.

However, the ability to display the full task list (or maybe a specific list or smart list) would furthermore enhance the usability of RTM on iPhone.

I'd expect to have the ability at least to complete tasks on reminder app, so as not to open the RTM app every time, as well as see the today task list in the Notification Center. The RTM app would only be used for task list management (add tags, notes, change due date...).

Posted at 8:00am on October 20, 2011
m.thomasbaart says:
It'd be awesome if you could sync both ways: RTM to Reminders and vice versa. That way, Android users could add tasks, and see them on their Mac/iDevice.
Posted 11 years ago
dalegria says:
This would bring me back into the RTM fold.
Posted 11 years ago
niels.olson says:
I use RTM and Reminders. I think I would like to share lists between the two. The integration of Reminders across OS X and iOS devices and with Siri is great, but there are also some things (list of movies to watch, etc) that I have built out over years on RTM and have no interest in dropping.
Posted 11 years ago
abhelversteijnsmit says:
Can't wait to use the reminder app on all my mac devices!
Posted 11 years ago
xxdesmus says:
This would be huge -- specifically if this was 2 way sync. I'd love the option to have the RTM app use the built-in Remembers database for tasks.

Maybe this is only available for pro users that RTM can still make their money, but it'd benefit them since they'd no longer need to handle the sync on their system.
Posted 10 years ago
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