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De-select tasks after action

lillytryon says:
So many times I have selected several tasks to perform an action on all of them at the same time (change a due date, for example). Then find that RTM also performs the next action on these tasks because they are still selected. I have to physically hit "none" between each action. I'd like them to automatically become de-selected after the action is performed.
Posted at 6:23pm on June 10, 2011
phill.hardstaff says:
Yes, I am not alone :)
Posted 9 years ago
godwins says:
Yup, do this ALL the time and end up modifying or closing the other tasks without realising it. Can see the benefit in leaving selected but a readily available deselect button would be handy.
Posted 8 years ago
godwins says:
PS. The deselect button could live under the multi-edit floating box on the right hand side so it follows the task list down as you scroll.
Posted 8 years ago
godwins says:
PPS. Totally hijacked the idea. Sorry.
Posted 8 years ago
mjessup says:
I agree that items should be automatically de-selected after the action is completed. Having to do it manually is annoying and counter-intuitive.
Posted 7 years ago
marco.koffeman says:
absolutely agree. I seemed odd to me the first time i noticed it.
Posted 6 years ago
tailarson says:
Things continually fall off my radar because I've accidentally completed something after I've postponed it. If I could only have one option added, it would be to de-select after action.
Posted 5 years ago
morewind says:
+1. This is a real problem for me. Often, I have to dig thru Completed tasks to find tasks that have accidentally be marked as Completed. Typical use case when this problem happens:

1. I postpone a task to say one month in the future
2. The task is far enough down the list that it is no longer visible on the screen
3. The task stays highlighted
4. I set other tasks as Completed
5. That action is also taken on the postponed task.
Posted 2 years ago
mbrandonpace says:
+1 +1 +1
Posted 1 year ago
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