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Account switching

(closed account) says:
The ability to switch between multiple accounts would be a nice bonus for me. I have a Pro account at home, and a regular account at work, but I can only tie one to my Android phone. I'd like to be able to use the app for both though!

Yes, I could just move my work tasks over to my Pro account, but I don't want to be seeing my work tasks while I'm at home or vice versa.
Posted at 7:17pm on May 26, 2011
johndavis48 says:
I would like to have login capability on the Android app so that I can put personal details in RTM and not be concerned about them not being secure.

I assume that switching accounts would create login capability that I want.
Posted 6 years ago
coastlife8 says:
Ability to log out of my personal account and into my work RTM to add a task would be very useful.
Posted 6 years ago
charmoller says:
I would use this feature to setup an RTM accounts for my husband to used on our shared tablet.
Posted 5 years ago
ungermike says:
also my wife and me are using the same tablet.
Posted 5 years ago
systemair.sales says:
Oh please, when will this be available?
Posted 4 years ago
fred99 says:
Is this feature in the development? I surely hope so!
Posted 2 years ago
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