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Account switching

(closed account) says:
The ability to switch between multiple accounts would be a nice bonus for me. I have a Pro account at home, and a regular account at work, but I can only tie one to my Android phone. I'd like to be able to use the app for both though!

Yes, I could just move my work tasks over to my Pro account, but I don't want to be seeing my work tasks while I'm at home or vice versa.
Posted at 7:17pm on May 26, 2011
johndavis48 says:
I would like to have login capability on the Android app so that I can put personal details in RTM and not be concerned about them not being secure.

I assume that switching accounts would create login capability that I want.
Posted 12 years ago
coastlife8 says:
Ability to log out of my personal account and into my work RTM to add a task would be very useful.
Posted 12 years ago
charmoller says:
I would use this feature to setup an RTM accounts for my husband to used on our shared tablet.
Posted 11 years ago
ungermike says:
also my wife and me are using the same tablet.
Posted 11 years ago
systemair.sales says:
Oh please, when will this be available?
Posted 10 years ago
fred99 says:
Is this feature in the development? I surely hope so!
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
I can't speak to couples using a shared device, but for the OP, it's easy to keep work and personal tasks separate by using Smart Lists. Either use different lists or use tagging to keep them separate. It's a pretty easy thing to do.
Posted 2 years ago
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