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Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

shrff says:
We use RTM at work for keeping track of tasks but we can't assign tasks to other people using the iPad and iPhone app. This can be done online but not with the apps.
Posted at 5:14pm on May 25, 2011
(closed account) says:
Would really like to have this functionality. We'd like to create tasks on the iPad when out of the office / networking and send straight away to the person who can make it happen.
Posted 9 years ago
tony.grout says:
Movesd over to iPad version for day to day use and this would be great to have this missing feature
Posted 9 years ago
tim.visher says:
+1 :)
Posted 9 years ago
microstruct says:
hace demasiada falta, estay de acuerdo con ustedes
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
I want to sent tasks to other account in my iPad. If I use Rtm web to sent tasks, why I buy pro ??
Pls add this function.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
This should really be added. For grocery lists ("remember the milk" :-)) it would be very useful to be able to share with wife.
Posted 7 years ago
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