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Support for location:none search

dave.lehrer says:
So far, the only way I can find to identify tasks with no location set is to execute this syntax in search:

>> NOT location:work AND NOT location:home AND NOT location...

I've tried things like location:false, location:none, and location:null all with no success. This syntax would allow for a smart search to find tasks with no location set.
Posted at 6:21pm on May 18, 2011
finkel says:
"not location:any" seems to work
Posted 9 years ago
finkel says:
oops... nevermind. Doesn't work. That's annoying.
Posted 9 years ago
basschinkel says:
What does seem to work is "isLocated:false", as stated here:
Posted 9 years ago
jessicamiller00 says:
Yes, isLocated:false does work, but I'll give this a thumbs up in support of more logical, natural syntax. Would've saved me a support email.
Posted 8 years ago
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