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Better system for backing up tasks

jslater316 says:
My whole life is in rtm, and it always makes me nervous that the only way to backup tasks in as an ical file-- if the unthinkable were to happen, that would be an incredibly awkward way to access my tasks! Even if it just spat the tasks out in a txt or an html file it give me much, much more peace of mind. Better still, back it up automatically and email me the file!
Posted at 5:07pm on May 18, 2011
bigelow says:
Echoing the comments from jslater316
backup xml, csv, txt,etc. file to email would provide good peace of mind.
Posted 12 years ago
morrisonpeter says:
I would also like a plain text, or csv file backup option. It would be ideal to have the backup emailed to me on a regular basis. Pro user option?
Posted 11 years ago
annoerr says:
very important feature
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
JSON is now available.
Posted 2 years ago
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