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Pro subscription reminders

warrenski says:
When I visited my "General" settings page, I noticed that my Pro account expiry date is given in a paragraph at the top of the tab. For example:

You have a Remember The Milk Pro account. It expires on February 9th, 2012.
Extend your Pro account, view your order history, or view the gifts you've purchased.

I find it a little odd that a reminder service as great as RTM doesn't, when a member has purchased a Pro account, either:

1. Automatically add a task to my list to the effect of "Renew RTM subscription" for when the renewal is due. I get that this could be seen by members as being invasive.

2. Provide a handy link to members who might wish to quickly and easily add a Pro account renewal reminder to their task list. For example, it would result in something like:

Renew RTM Pro account ^9 February 2012 #Inbox =5 min *after 1 year

I'm going to run a variation of that myself right now! :)
Posted at 9:20pm on April 27, 2011
lasthunter says:
I vote for automatically managed task for this :)
Posted 13 years ago
rachel.bock says:
The point of Remember The Milk is to assist YOU in managing your tasks. It is not helpful for you to have tasks "randomly" added to your task list. If you do know what is on your plate, then it will cause more stress to have tasks "automatically" appear. If it is not a priority enough for you to choose to create an actionable task to renew your subscription... I would recommend you use a calendar for things like "remind me on a specific day of an appointment" type items.
Posted 13 years ago
relevart says:
If I want to get reminded about that, then I'll set a task myself :)
Posted 13 years ago
willcritchlow says:
Why can't we buy a subscription to pro? I like rtm and I want to be pro. For the foreseeable future. Is that crazy?
Posted 13 years ago
bozso says:
Aggree with willcritchlow. Have both the fixed time and recurring subscription!
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Why not just set a yearly Tickler to remind yourself?
Posted 12 years ago
jaap.kramer says:
You will get a reminder via mail 10 days before your subscription ends. Granted this is not the most relaxing time window to extend your subscription, but it is at least a reminder.
Posted 12 years ago
dave.liao says:
I think a friendly "nudge" email is good 30 days before a non-recurring subscription will end. Having tasks randomly appear in my list would feel intrusive.

On the other hand, adding a preference "Automatically create a task to subscribe to RTM" so users can voluntarily opt-in would be hilariously cheeky.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Perhaps it didn't exist back in 2011, but the auto-renewal is a blessing! I don't have to worry about when my subscription expires.
Posted 2 years ago
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