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Assign points to tasks

vagabond99 says:
I have seen a few posts in the past on this topic and it might seem a little lame to some folks, but I would love to be able to assign my tasks a score of some kind.

A 5 point task, a 1 point task, a 20 point task.

I already use my priorities to assign Work, Home and Urgent tasks.

Any interest?

Thank you and I'm a huge RTM fan. It's helped me out a ton.

Posted at 8:24pm on April 12, 2011
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Could you use the time estimate field? RTM sums that field up for you already, so it could give you some of the same functionality you describe.
Posted 10 years ago
vagabond99 says:
Where does it give you a sum of time (completed?)
Posted 10 years ago
brendan says:
You're not currently able to see the total time estimate for completed tasks; sorry for any inconvenience.

However, you can see the total time estimate for incomplete tasks in a list in the box at the right of the screen. Just make sure no tasks are selected when you are viewing the list.

Hope that helps!
Posted 10 years ago
vagabond99 says:
Any communication with the people who make "EpicWin"? it'd be awesome to actually do my lists in RTM and just import them over to EpicWin for the "fun factor".
Posted 10 years ago
jpkeates says:
Posted 10 years ago
crystal.odenkirk says:
You can do this with tags. You can't sort by them but you can use smart lists to separate them out. Try adding tags like this: points_01, points_05, points_25. Or if you need to sort by points, you can preface your task names with "01","05", "25", etc. and view alphabetically. Just make sure you use leading zeros in the numbers or it'll sort 25 as being before 5.
Posted 10 years ago
progress4ward says:
I also would love to find a way to score points or something. I've been looking into the Dunnit! app which has ability to rack up points and level up. But, I LOVE rtm and don't want to get bombarded by using too many apps. I'm thinking about clearing out all of my completed tasks before January 1st, and then maybe shoot for a specific number of completed tasks by the end of the year. Pulling them from my daily to-do list and master list where I will break down big goals into bite-size tasks. That's the only thing I've come up with so far. I love making to-lists, but I just never do them. I have to have a challenge. It's just the way I am.
Posted 9 years ago
jantien.kaptein says:
Working with RTM intensively for some time now, I am also a strongly in favor of adding the 'award points' option to RTM. Using the estimate time field is not really usefull since, like said earlier, it doesn't work for completed tasks and also it will count minutes as per 60 in 1 hour and will give you no good readout.

Working with 2 children around the house, they love being awarded in some way for the work done; so please add the points functionality as soon as possible !

When added it should simply follow up on any selection made.
It should add up points assigned for all tasks that are part on the particular selection made. Then it does not matter if you want to see a points total for future, past or for any particular person (tag) tasks.

Again it would be a particular useful functionality to RTM. Moreover; after intensive search: it shows that the only other serious competitors to RTM have this functionality, but lack on other functionalities. So if RTM could add the 'awarded points' option, it would make RTM unbeatable by far !

Who's in favor ?!
Posted 9 years ago
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