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Alarms Express integration

zshahab2 says:
If anyone's seen Alarms express available in the app store, its a great alarm system that works with to-dos. If RTM could sync with alarms express or produce a similar GUI interface, that'd be AWESOME!
I'm actually torn between the two now, because RTM is great if you're constantly looking at your list, but I want to be able to work and just have an alarm ring reminding me that it's time to move on. Also, if I'm procrastinating, an alarm helps remind me that now it's time to work. Except, setting up sms reminders etc on RTM is too difficult, the Alarms express interface on a native mac client is much more user-friendly.
Posted at 3:31am on February 21, 2011
m.pechtold says:
I'm for a sync solution too
Posted 9 years ago
directpublicity says:
Great little app very simple . So much potential
Posted 8 years ago
alexander.pruitt says:
Alarms is no longer being developed. According to their site "Due to major changes in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Alarms is currently not available. It might return if it turns out that it can be adopted to the upcoming OS X release."
Posted 7 years ago
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