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Mac OS X Services menu integration

aleksi says:
I would like to have integration with Mac OS X Services menu. Select text in any application, call a service to add a task to default list.
Posted at 6:44pm on October 22, 2010
jsejcksn says:
I hacked together a way to do this via the mobile site, and this only works with text from your browser (it's a bookmarklet).

1. Sign in into (and check remember info).

2. Save any old bookmark in your bookmarks bar and then change the name and replace the address with the following text:

javascript:(function(){var txt='';if(window.getSelection){txt=window.getSelection();} else if(document.getSelection){txt=document.getSelection();} else if(document.selection){txt=document.selection.createRange().text;} else return;''+txt);})();

3. Select something on a web page.

4. Click the bookmarklet you just created.

Good luck!

Inspiration for bookmark from

Posted 13 years ago
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