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Option to flip the J and K keyboard shortcuts

jsejcksn says:
If you're interested in seeing changes to the keyboard shortcuts, please post here!

I personally would LOVE to see the J and K keys swapped so it behaves like Gmail. Also, J comes before K, so it seems more logical for J to move the cursor up one item and K to move the cursor down one item.

Posted at 3:11am on September 4, 2010
jsejcksn says:
My girlfriend thinks the same thing, although she explained it as "clockwise", which she said means that "J is on the left side of the clock" and "K is on the right side of the clock". :)
Posted 12 years ago
action.manager says:
The current implementation is compatible with "vi", a unix editor used by many programmers (in the past?).

I don't think it is wise to swap them. That would probably upset the existing user base. Perhaps this can be prevented by making the behavior configurable.

Personally, I'd love a shortcut to duplicate tasks (could not find that).

Posted 12 years ago
jsejcksn says:
You're totally right. Configurable is the way to go, as it would confuse people who've conditioned themselves to use the current shortcuts.
Posted 11 years ago
john.mcdonnell says:
vi is used by many programmers "In the past?" **ahem**. Definitely not "in the past", although there is a splinter block of satan-worshippers who use its unholy counterpart, emacs.

Anyway, along those lines, 'H' and 'L' need to be mapped to 'left' and 'right' tabs, it drives me crazy to have to use the arrow keys.

Also, keyboard shortcuts should be accessible with a keystroke (? in gmail works fine).

I also agree about letting people modify their own keystrokes.
Posted 11 years ago
jrdioko says:
Doesn't it currently behave like Gmail as is?
Posted 11 years ago
metaed says:
It behaves exactly like Gmail already. J does "down one line" and K does "up one line". This is the conventional use of J and K which, as others have pointed out, is the same as in other software, notably the "vi" text editor.
Posted 10 years ago
mwyadartm says:
I'd rather use the up and down arrows.
Posted 1 year ago
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