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Search notes by default

djdinut1 says:
RTM's search feature on the Android app is great except for one big drawback; it doesn't search notes by default; it only searches the task name. This is an extremely important feature for me, especially since RTM is now a searchable app through my EVO's global search function. Is this a feature you can offer either making notes part of the default search or being able to select it as something to be part of the default search?
Posted at 3:35pm on August 31, 2010
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for the feedback; I've added that to our list to investigate.
Posted 13 years ago
dwkruger says:
Good idea...
Posted 12 years ago
eopeters says:
This would speed things up for me.
Posted 12 years ago
cayouettem says:
i can't believe that this has been on the idea list for this long. I agree 100% that this would be a huge value add.f
Posted 8 years ago
evan.fredericks says:
+1 for this.
Posted 6 years ago
rharder says:
+1 The iOS version is the same way, and trying to use the web app on a phone is less than ideal. Wish the notes were always searched by default, even in the web app.
Posted 6 years ago
rich_zigo says:
Nearly 8 years on and you still can't search in notes.

I wouldn't say it should be the default action though - it should work the same as on the website, i.e. a checkbox labelled "search notes"
Posted 5 years ago
vernonymous says:
I'm glad that I can now search my notes, however it requires manually checking a box in the search process. RTL, can you make this a default of the search process?
Posted 9 months ago
picthall says:
Posted 9 weeks ago
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