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Option to order completed by priority

jlous says:
I have a list with sort order = priority, and I acttively use the priority to group items. When I view the list in 'completed' mode, the priority ordering is gone (i'm guessing replaced by completion date?). I would like to keep the 'native' sort order in 'incomplete' view.

Case: One of my lists is my actual grocery shopping list, (including the milk!). Since the items are normally from the same set, I rarely type new items, I just uncomplete existing ones.
I use the priority field to roughly group items found in the same area of the shop. This would be equally useful when creating the list (in incomplte view) as when shopping (normal view)
Posted at 8:37am on August 4, 2010
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
This isn't currently possible; completed lists are sorted by completion date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But thanks for the feedback on how you'd like it to work!
Posted 13 years ago
tvjames says:
That's not a helpful response, Andrew. You just told us it's not possible because that's not how it's done. That's not a real reason WHY it's not possible.
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
Couldn't you do something like this:

list:shopping AND status:completed AND priority:1
list:shopping AND status:completed AND priority:2
list:shopping AND status:completed AND priority:3
list:shopping AND status:completed AND priority:none

I realize it's 4 different Smart Lists, but it'll get you what you need.
Posted 2 years ago
jbyars says:
This topic seems to be brought up every few years and ends up in multiple threads. Ex:
My Assumption is that there is a threshold that has to be hit for RTM to implement a new feature. It says that votes are consolidated when threads are consolidated. However, it seems it does NOT take account of the fact that some questions are similar and would actually be solved by the same code update. Ex: This thread is asking for the ability to sort completed by priority (IE, custom sort), while is asking for sort in completed lists to follow the same sort options as incomplete (ie, custom sort). These are the same things and both threads are open...and not consolidated. As this is already implemented in the "incomplete" view, it seems the code could be somewhat easily incorporated into the "completed" view since they render the same way...and yes, I know, no code change is "simple". But I would ask that RTM look at searching for other similar threads where the "ask" is phrased differently but would be solved by the same code update. This "ask" has been around for 13 years (or longer) at this point.

@RTM - sorry for posting this across multiple threads, but I'm trying to hit all of the ones that should be consolidated into one request.
Posted 12 weeks ago
jbyars says:
BTW-RTM, I've found a workaround, but it is VERY tedious to set up the first time. However, once it is set up, it can be reused. Before I post it into tips and tricks, I'd like to show someone from RTM as it could be a bit database intensive. Please contact me at the email address on file if interested.
Posted 12 weeks ago
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